American Badger 2021

Dean is the genuine name of a hitman who is known to all by name Badger given by his ex-wife who is now no more. He resembled like a loner after her demise. However, when he is given a job of turning out to be companion with a call girl that has a connection with an Albanian group. He fall in a romantic connection with the young lady after a brave presentation. This drove him to be caught from everywhere. At the point when his Handler reviews that he should slaughter the young lady, Vasily and every one of his accomplices. Handler advises that he was allotted to assemble secrets of the group through the youngster. Presently, as a Badger he has the attribute of battling for his friends and family. So, he helped Velvet, the young lady in getting an extreme level of confidence that was not expected by anyone. Watch MyFlixer Free Movies in ultra HD on your device without a subscription.