The Dark Truth Official Trailer (2013) Andy Garcia, Kevin Durand, Eva Longoria Movie HD

Pursuit is the town’s next up and arriving rap celebrity. He has just finalized his desire history cope when he is given the regrettable information that his sibling, Bill, was extremely killed in his residence with a strange lady known as Nancy. His bros former sweetheart, Melinda, has been performing curiously as of delayed and Pursuit queries for the fact of what really occurred. Meanwhile, Melinda connects with Eileen who has been swindling money from unaware traders for previous times 5 years. Hairless Head, a bumbling yet delightful road hustler, is having difficulties to stability life between Lisa, the lady that he seriously likes, and his drug-lord manager Scott. Ashton Weapons, a regional hands supplier, is in his own tug of war between Honest from the Giovanni family and a regional Dominican rebublic group innovator known as Julio. At the middle of these delicately entwined experiences is a common line known only as the Black Determine. Each gamer is experienced with the same choice between the night and the fact.