Extraction 2020

The action film – “Tyler Rake: Rescue Operation” about the story of a professional hired soldier who in the past served in an elite special forces. But after the death of his young son, the man fell into despair and resigned. Now he lives alone and is independently engaged in the elimination of terrorists. Soon Tyler is visited by a long-time colleague with a request to take up the usual work, for which they pay a lot of money. The task is that he will have to go to Bangladesh and get out of captivity a young boy – the son of the most influential criminal and one of the largest drug lords in the world.But the rescue operation is not as easy as it seemed at first, because the boy is hunted by all the representatives of the criminal world, government agencies and his father’s rivals. Tyler will have to make a difficult choice to leave the boy to death or act in good faith. Will they survive? He has already lost his son and does not want to lose another innocent life, but for this, Reik will have to fight alone with the army of armed criminals on foreign territory.